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  • Nature’s Healing Circle: A Mother’s Day Refuge for Women Touched by Loss

    May 11 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm CDT

    This special session, designed for those who find Mother’s Day complex due to loss or estrangement, offers a nurturing escape into the arms of the grandest mother of all—Mother Nature. Join us for a guided Forest Therapy session, inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku or “Forest Bathing,” which promotes wellness and healing through deep connections with the forest environment.

    In the gentle comfort of nature’s embrace, we gather to honor our experiences and feelings that arise during Mother’s Day. This session is crafted for individuals who may be grieving, reflecting, or finding their path forward after the loss of a loved one. Whether you are mourning a mother, a child, or navigating the complexities of a strained maternal relationship, here you will find a supportive environment to process and experience your feelings with the support of Mother Nature.

    What to Expect: Our Forest Therapy session is a gentle journey through nature, focusing not on physical exertion but on emotional and spiritual comfort. You will be guided through a series of invitations to engage with the environment in a way that fosters a deep, restorative connection. These invitations are designed to help you slow down and open your senses, allowing the natural world to help soothe and clarify feelings of grief or loss.

    Participants are encouraged to interact with their surroundings with a quiet presence, reconnecting with their senses and tapping into their innate creativity. This can awaken the imagination and foster a sense of peace and space for healing. Each step and breath in our nature therapy walk is an opportunity to find solace and clarity within the nurturing presence of nature, enhancing both personal and ecological well-being. Learn more about what to expect here ».

    Join us in this Healing Walk: Allow Mother Nature to be your therapist on this day. Together, in the company of those who share your experiences, find a sanctuary where you can feel, heal, and honor your journey. This is more than just a walk; it’s a profound engagement with life and a step toward healing on Mother’s Day.

    Sign Up Now: Spaces are limited to ensure a personal and intimate experience. Pre-registration is required to secure your place in this unique healing circle.

    Limited Spots Available – Max Capacity 20 participants

    $35 Per Participant
    Jess Thenhaus, Certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guide

    About Your Guide:
    Jess Thenhaus is a Certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guide, Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and the founder of Urban Forest Therapy. Holding a wealth of certifications and informed by a decade-long journey of education, training and practice, Jess stands at the forefront of integrating nature-based wellness with somatic and trauma-informed care. Learn More »

    Babler State Park

    800 Guy Park Dr.
    Wildwood, Missouri 63005 United States
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  • Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy for Breast Cancer Warriors & Survivors

    May 5 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm CDT

    Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy for Breast Cancer Warriors and Survivors - BABLER-STATE-PARK - MAY-4-2024

    In a heartfelt collaboration with the St. Louis Breast Cancer Warriors and Survivors Group, we invite you to join us for this free/donation based Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy session dedicated to the incredible community of breast cancer warriors and survivors. This gentle journey through nature is designed to offer a space of healing, stress reduction, relaxation, and self-care.

    Forest Therapy is a practice that supports health and wellness through guided immersion in forests and other environments to promote the well-being of both people and the land. It is inspired by Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing.” In Forest Bathing, people spend time in forested areas to enhance health, wellness, and happiness.

    What to Expect: In Forest Therapy, people are guided through a clearly defined sequence of invitations to slow down, allow the senses to open, and experience the environment to deepen the reciprocal relationship between participants and the forest. This supports the wholeness and well-being of both. These Slow Walks in the Forest are typically one mile or less long and fit for all ages and physical conditions.

    Invitations are open-ended. There is no expectation for what participants should experience or receive. Rather, participants spend time in silence, listening and feeling with a quiet and accepting presence. They become reconnected with their senses and their innate creative potential is tapped, which allows the imagination to awaken. 

    This experience is not about physical exertion but about finding comfort and healing in the presence of nature and community.

    Why Nature Therapy? Research shows that time spent in nature can significantly reduce stress levels, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being. For those navigating the journey of breast cancer, these moments of peace can offer a profound sense of grounding and renewal.

    Building Community: More than a nature walk, this session is an opportunity to spend time slowing down with others who understand your journey. In the shared silence and connections, find strength in the knowledge that you are not alone. This is a chance to reconnect with yourself, build bonds with fellow survivors and warriors, and find a supportive network rooted in empathy and understanding.

    Your Guide: Led by Jess Thenhaus, Certified Forest & Nature Therapy Guide, this session is crafted with care and sensitivity to the needs of those who have faced breast cancer. Our approach is trauma-informed, ensuring a safe, respectful, and empowering experience for all participants.

    Registration Required – Limited to 20 participants

    *You will receive an email with the exact meeting location details 24 hours before the event.

    Free $0 – $35/ Pay what you want / Donation based

    Babler State Park

    800 Guy Park Dr.
    Wildwood, Missouri 63005 United States
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