🍂 Season’s Shift: Dive into Fall with Forest Bathing Events, Wellness Tips, and More

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As the summer sun begins to mellow and the days grow a touch crisper, we find ourselves on the cusp of a beautiful seasonal transition. September brings with it the promise of change, of nature’s vibrant hues painting the landscape, and an opportunity for us to reconnect with the rhythms of the earth.

I’m excited to share about upcoming September events, offer some tips for embracing the seasonal shift and a few pieces of exciting news!

Upcoming September Events:

 🍂Forest Bathing + Nature Therapy 101: Mini Session Join me on September 9th at The Nature Institute in Godfrey, IL for a gentle, immersive forest bathing experience. Immerse yourself in the peace of presence and let nature’s embrace wash over you. [Learn More»]

 🌳Forest Bathing + Nature Therapy Sessions at the Livin’ Analog Day Retreat On September 23rd, join me at Simpson Park in Valley Park for a day of digital detox and mindful nature connection at the Livin’ Analog® Day Retreat. Let’s explore the wonders of presence and technology-free living. 2 Forest Bathing sessions offered [Learn More»]​

🌼 Equinox Forest Bathing + Celebration Embrace the autumn equinox on September 24th with a leisurely forest bathing walk, celebrating the changing of the season. Connect with nature’s wisdom and find serenity in the transition. [Learn More»]

Embrace the Seasonal Shift: Nature Connection Tips:

  1.  🌱Morning Moments: Start your day by taking a few deep breaths and stepping outside to greet the day. Feel the cool morning air and listen to the gentle rustling of leaves. It’s a simple way to begin your day grounded and connected.

  2.  🍁Nature Walks: As the leaves start to change, visit a nearby park or nature reserve for a leisurely walk. Observe the subtle shifts in colors and textures, and let the beauty of nature soothe your soul.

  3. 🌬️Mindful Breathing: Find a comfortable spot outdoors and practice mindful breathing. Inhale the crisp autumn air deeply, and with each exhale, release any tensions and worries.

  4.  📝Seasonal Reflection: Embracing the changing seasons often prompts personal reflection. Just as nature sheds its leaves, we too can consider what we’re ready to let go of in our own lives. What are the aspects, habits, or thoughts you’re prepared to release, making room for growth and transformation? Take a few minutes this month to your thoughts on this season of renewal and release.

If you’d like to take your nature connection practice to the next level, join us for one of our upcoming Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy eventsWe’ll be exploring the natural world together, learning about the healing power of nature, and connecting with the beauty of the outdoors.

What I’m up to lately…

🎙️Introducing “Peace of Presence” Podcast:

Speaking of embracing change, I’m thrilled to share a teaser about something I’ve been working on—my new podcast, “Peace of Presence.” Through insightful conversations, we’ll explore pathways to cultivating more presence in our daily lives and discuss the profound impact mindfulness, creative expression, and nature have on our health and well-being. Get ready for inspiring stories, expert insights, and practical tips to cultivate a more present, easeful, and connected life.

Stay tuned for more details and announcements about the podcast’s launch in the coming months!

New Peace of Presence Podcast:
Through insightful conversations, we’ll explore pathways to cultivating more presence in our daily lives and discuss the profound impact mindfulness, creative expression, and nature have on our health and well-being.

Terrain Magazine Feature:

Terrain Magazine Article - Dive Into your Senses - Forest Bathing

I’m excited to share some fantastic news! I recently had the honor of being featured in the September/October issue of ​Terrain magazine​ in an article that explores the wonders of forest bathing and the deep connection we can forge with nature. It’s a testament to the power of presence and the healing embrace of the natural world. If you’d like to read the article and gain insights into the art of forest bathing, you can find it on page 24 of the digital version of the magazine here: [​Terrain Magazine – Page 24»​].

Sweet Success & Transformative Opportunity:

I’m over the moon to share that I’ve achieved National Board Certification and accreditation for Health & Wellness Coaching! As part of this milestone, I’m offering free ​Nature-based Wellness Discovery Sessions​, a complimentary 45-minute journey designed to offer you a glimpse into the transformative potential of collaborative health coaching. During our conversation, we’ll dive into your unique health landscape, pinpointing challenges and opportunities for growth. My aim is to provide you with insights and clarity to empower your well-being journey, right from the very start. Our time together will be a meaningful step forward on your path to thriving health. Let’s uncover what’s possible for you! ​Book Here »​

» Where can you fit nature connection into your day? «

🍃As the seasons dance and change, I invite you to join me in celebrating the beauty of nature’s transitions and the magic they bring into our lives. I look forward to connecting with you at the upcoming events and through the exciting journey of the “Peace of Presence” podcast. 🙌

🫶I hope this share was helpful for you drop a comment below and let me know what you’re ready to release this autumn!

In Peace & Presence,
🌿 Jess

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