It’s time to slow down.

Unplug & recover the peace of presence with Forest Therapy.

Forest Therapy is a practice that supports health and wellness through guided immersion in forests and other environments to promote the well-being of both people and the land.

Why Urban
Forest Therapy?

We think we have to drive far away from the city to really immerse ourselves in nature (and claim the numerous health benefits of doing so) but I’m on a mission to educate and inspire urban and city dwellers to realize they can reap the same health benefits by cultivating a connection with the nature in their own backyard and local green spaces.

Guided Forest Therapy Walks

Connect with nature and the “more than human world” in this guided healing and relaxing experience.

Peace of Presence Free Community

Connect with others as you cultivate your own practices for presence & peace in this private Meet-Up community.

Holistic Health & Wellness Program

Relearn to love and care for your body for deep physical & emotional body healing & lifelong change.

Ready to create spaciousness and slowness in your life? Yes, you can slow down time, I’ll teach you how.

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About Jess

As an ANFT certified Forest & Nature Therapy Guide and a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I’m on a mission to help busy people living in urban environments recover peace in the present moments. Integrating the restorative power of nature with somatic mindfulness and trauma-informed care, I guide you towards a harmonious balance between your physical and emotional self.

My programs are tailored to help you authentically connect with yourself, offering a respite from life’s constant digital distractions. Through personalized 1:1 coaching, I adopt a client-led, bio-individual approach, focusing on what uniquely works for you in terms of lifestyle and habit changes.

Offerings include support in identifying and integrating personalized wellness practices, intentional movement that rejuvenates, and stress reduction techniques rooted in nature and creative expression. My goal is to empower you to embrace a lifestyle that fosters well-being, helping you navigate the journey with accountability and insight, and deepening your connection to the natural world.